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Change the way the game is played

Efficiency is the name of the game in growth marketing and what could be more efficient than a comprehensive tactical playbook collecting the best practices of running successful programmatic performance marketing campaigns?

From install to re-open, we give you actionable insights on how to set-up and optimize your user acquisition and retargeting campaign. There’s something for everyone in this playbook, which we keep up-to-date based on the latest trends in mobile to help you acquire, grow and retain your user base. 

Review it intermittently to keep yourself fresh on the latest strategies or assign it as reading when you onboard new growth marketing team members to scale up your training process. Even if you’re working through a partner to manage your mobile programmatic campaigns, sharpening your understanding of campaigns from the inside out will help you manage more successful campaigns.

Actionable tips at every point in the process

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Confirming you have these details locked initially will help you run successful campaigns in the long-term.

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Onboarding Stage

After the MMP integration with your DSP, let's look at a reasonable understanding of campaign potential.

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Segmentation Stage

Narrowing the focus to your end goals, we share what tips you can utilize to find high performing audience segments.

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Optimization Stage

Tactics that will allow for long-term goal realization depend on more than just your monetary investment.