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Mobile Gaming Advertising & Retargeting Playbook



Change the way the game is played

Since the pandemic started, mobile games have maintained their stronghold as a major driver of mobile usage. Since 2020, time spent in mobile game apps has increased over 17%. In 2022, it’s predicted gaming app time will make up 13% of overall time spent in apps by individuals in North America. That means 13% of the eyeballs of all available mobile users in the US can be accessed in mobile game apps.

In this mobile gaming advertising & retargeting playbook, we’ll cover the best practices of running successful retargeting campaigns in mobile game apps. Whether you’re a game app looking to retain the new users you acquired during the pandemic or a non-game app looking to re-engage the users you have who play games, this playbook is for you.

Receive actionable tips at every point in the mobile gaming advertising & retargeting process

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Campaign Set-Up

Learn the prep steps to make your gaming app retargeting campaign set up for success.

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Check off this list to make highly engaging creative ad designs.

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Segmentation Stage

Tips to defining highly active game players, to then target high-performing audience segments.

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Optimization Stage

Tactics that will allow you to reach long-term gaming app goal realization.